I was born and raised in Seattle, WA.  I am a wife to an awe inspiring local entrepreneur, Brian and a mother of two amazing girls, Uemera (Ume) age 5 and Violet age 2.  I am a registered nurse and love to take care of people. I have always enjoyed attending live music shows and festivals, exploring food and culture, and learning about health and wellness.  I want to create a space where I can document all the pieces of my life that make me whole.  I want to explore this avenue of sharing myself and the ebb and flow that come with it.

As my children get older, finding a balance with all of my interests become more of a priority to me.  I want to be able to guide them in realizing their dreams and continue to grow my own.  Life experiences are gifts that should be utilized to not only benefit self but also the community.  If there are any tips that I can share that can be useful to someone else that is awesome and I will love to learn from you too!

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