Alpha Betta

Ume has been asking for a new pet for the last year.  It has changed from a dog, to a bird, and more recently a bunny.  We were grocery shopping one day and chatted with a guy carrying a pet bunny inside the store.  Ume was enamored with the bunny and has been continuously asking for one.  There have been many discussions at home about how to take care of different types of pets and the responsibility that came along with it.  We have a Siamese cat at home named Juno.  He has been with us for twelve years.  Ume helps by feeding him, but there is a lot more work involved in caring for him that she is not able to do yet.

Brian and I think Ume is ready to take care of a low maintenance pet.  We went to the pet store yesterday and looked at the guinea pigs, mice, and parakeets.  Then we visited the freshwater fish tanks.  BINGO, we found our pet!  I am excited to announce the homecoming of our new family member.  Drum roll please…let’s all welcome our new fish Snowflake.  He belongs to Ume but we are all enjoying him.  He is classified as a Delta Tail, which means when his tail is straight it does not reach 180 degrees like a Halfmoon.  Apparently there are several different variations of Betta fish; depending on breed, color, and tail shape.  He is a brilliant red color and has a feisty personality.


Ume loves Snowflake already.  She carries him around everywhere and is very gentle not to slosh him around. If she could pet him, she would.  We were getting his new tank ready with water purification, so he had to stay in his little bowl for 24hrs. He slept in Ume’s room over night.  She enjoys feeding him dried blood worms and is a great caregiver already.  He tolerated the transfer into his new tank and was curious about his new home, swimming every square inch.






I think he is pretty cool and of course we had to get him gravel that is hot pink, white, and black for his tank.  That choice was a no brainer.  When Ume earns more money from completing tasks on her responsibility chart we will buy more accessories for the tank.  Betta fish can live between 3 to 5 years. Hopefully Ume will continue to love him and provide him with the best care.



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