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Japanese nail art

Countdown to Coachella has begun so has the start of my beauty upkeep to get me ready for the festival.  First thing to take care of are my nails.  I was introduced to this amazing nail salon, Salon LuLu by my bestie Abby.  Salon LuLu has two talented Japanese nail technicians, Mirei and Hiromi who have brought the intricate Japanese nail art form to Bellevue, WA. If you know of any other Japanese nail art technicians in Washington please share.

Hiromi has done my nails twice now and she has the most amazing precision art skills.  She has a background in fine art, which allows her to paint with finesse.  I asked the ladies what is the difference between Korean and Japanese nail art and they said Korean style is more cutesy and Japanese style is more sophisticated.  My first visit there I opted for a cutesy design like a typical Korean girl.  All of their tools and supplies are from Japan and are all very adorable.


How cute is this hand rest?


My little lamb

IMG_7438 IMG_7704


My Coachella nails

They charge $80 so it is definitely a treat for a special occasion.  They say your nails can last about 3-4 weeks depending on how they fast they grow.  These gifted ladies are really ahead of the nail art game in town, so if you are looking for something extra special check out their instagram page here.




Electrify my skin

I have been introduced to a new facial regimen and I have become a convert.  It is called Iderm Facial Treatment and it is offered at Dermaspace, located in the Medical Dental Building in downtown Seattle. Dermaspace is the only place in Washington that is certified to offer this treatment.  Do you remember that Real House Wives of Beverly Hills episode last season when Kyle got a facial that made her look like Hannibal Lecter? No?  Am I the only one that watches RHOBH?  Well, it is a very thorough skin treatment that uses electrical micro currents to allow the skin to absorb this great anti-aging solution with specially catered vitamins and minerals into the second layer of skin – the dermis.  Besides using electrical currents, the only other way to get this deep into this skin is by using needles.  Um, no thank you!

The owner Jody and his team are amazing at providing a comfortable and peaceful spa atmosphere.  Jody has worked on many famous clients in Hollywood and I am so happy that he brought his expertise here to Seattle.  I have had two sessions and noticed a difference in my skin right away after my first visit.  My skin felt smoother and he was able to get rid of this huge acne blemish without creating any further breakouts.

The session begins with a gentle cleanse and exfoliation, then cotton soaked in a yucca root solution is placed on the face.  Yucca root is a plant filled with essential vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties.  All great things for you skin!  Next an infrared heat dome is placed over the face to prepare the skin for the detoxification process.


Just me and the infrared dome.

The third step is the fun one, where the skin gets extracted of nasty white heads and black heads.  Jody does this with a small vacuum tool and also manually.  We try to keep talking through it because it can be a little painful.  Finally the last step is to wrap the face again with a delicious for the skin, anti-aging solution and putting the “Hannibal Lecter” mask on to let the electrical micro currents do its job.  The first session he had me on the lowest setting, just until I had a metallic taste in my mouth, which is expected.  The second time he had me tell him when he should stop cranking it up and I stopped him at level 8/10 due to the increased burning sensation.


Glamorous right?

The whole process takes about 45 minutes and it is actually quite relaxing.  My skin immediately feels baby soft and looks so much better.  I am trying to make a conscious effort in protecting and nurturing my skin by using sunscreen daily, exfoliating, and monthly facials.  This is my 34th year of life and although I have always had pretty good skin, I want to make sure that it ages well.









Butterfly kisses

When I was pregnant with Violet my daily energy decreased as my belly got bigger.  It became uncomfortable to walk and to even sleep because of the aches and pains that come with pregnancy.  My face was puffy and I began to get more blemishes because of the hormonal changes.  I did not feel the pregnancy glow, I did not feel pretty, so I decided to get eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions has become a popular beauty trend.  It can transform your face from having short sparse lashes like mine to beautiful full lashes.  Once the extensions are on I feel a beauty burst.  I am finally comfortable going out of the house to run errands with no makeup on.  I began to get them consistently while I was pregnant and have been maintaining them ever since.



The lashes usually last around 3 weeks depending on your shedding cycle, mine can last up to 4 weeks.  I have tried different lash technicians in the past and have found my go-to lash girl, Fern at Luxx Beautique. She is an ultimate professional and so meticulous in her craft.  My lashes always looks great and natural.  I don’t go too long or too curly because my eyes are small and I like wearing glasses.  Fern knows exactly how to give my eyelashes an extra oomph without making me feel too fake.  She also makes the atmosphere very comfortable and cues in if you want to keep chatting or take a nap.  For a touch-up it usually takes about an hour and thirty minutes so when Violet was younger I definitely took this opportunity to catch up on my sleep.


Her boutique is in Madison Valley and in addition to doing eyelash extensions she also has a small storefront. She sells the cutest and trendiest clothes, accessories, and beauty supplies.  She orders her merchandise from California so there are always unique and special pieces to find.


It is not the cheapest beauty maintenance but is definitely worth it.  A classic full set is $135 and a full touch-up is $65.  It is tough for women to maintain all the beauty upkeep that society finds important. From dyeing and cutting your hair every 8 weeks, manicures/pedicures, body hair waxing, facials and skin treatments, and now eyelash extensions; it is a lot to keep up with.  I do not do all of these services, but I find maintaining my eyelashes is something that I don’t want to give up.  I get an extra boost of confidence that ultimately makes me happy.  What beauty service can you not go without?