Breathing Underwater

Sunday night I experienced an acoustic high as I enjoyed Metric in concert. They are from Canada and have a new wave, indie rock, electro synth sound.  They played at the century old historic, The Moore Theater in Downtown Seattle.  I was first introduced to Metric by my sister-in-law Chrisann, seven years ago. She gave me their fourth album, Fantasies and endorsed that every single song on the album “was a winner”.  After listening to it, I concurred.  Then she took me to their concert when I was six months pregnant with Uemera, held at the Showbox Sodo in Seattle.  It was an amazing show and I became a real fan.  I have been wanting to see them again, but this is their first headlining concert in Seattle since then.


Of course I had to see Metric again with Chrisann!


The opening act was an ultra cool indie rock band, Joywave from Rochester, New York.  You may know them from the Nexus 6P commercial released last year using their song,  Tongues.  They were a great opening band, very entertaining and into their music, and I am excited to hear more from them. They will also be at Coachella this year!



Metric began the show with, IOU followed by Help I’m Alive.  The production quality and lighting were phenomenal! They stepped up their game from six years ago. It was a visual and auditory dreamscape, like being brainwashed in the best possible way.



They played all the great music from all six studio albums, which made me pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be more focused on their current album, Pagans in Vegas.  It was lovely to get breaks from the full production sound to hear Emily sing, Twilight Galaxy with just an acoustic guitar accompaniment and then a random a capella version of, Lost Kitten suggested by an audience member.

In the middle of their set they brought out the forty+ VIP ticket holders on stage and divided them into two groups as well as the audience to conduct a sing-a-long to, Dreams so Real. It was an awesome moment to have together.  I was blown away by hit after hit (please excuse all my snapchats).  The only bad thing was that we had seats in the balcony and no one was standing. I perfected the seated dance, that is for sure. Mental note for next time to get seats closer to the stage to be able to get up and dance.


Metric played for about an hour and a half and around twenty songs.  They were so generous and treated us to four encore songs.  The last two songs were, Gimme Sympathy and Breathing Underwater. The best way to end an epic concert and to reflect on the lyrics, “Is this my life? Ahhh. Am I breathing underwater?”. I hope to see them come back with another headlining tour before another six years go by.



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    Chrisann Rauschenbach
    March 14, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    I count myself lucky to have a sister that loves music/music culture like you do! Always fun sharing moments like this with you. XO

  • Reply
    March 15, 2016 at 1:16 am

    It is always a blast enjoying live shows with you!

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