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My favorite online jewelry shop is  The creator is none other than the fabulous Dani Song.  She is the younger sister of Aimee Song, who is one of the original fashion bloggers.  Aimee and Dani are highly successful entrepreneurs and both are influencing ladies with their cool fashion sense all over the internet.

A lot of my favorite fashionistas wear and promote the on-trend accessories from this online boutique. This business is one of the first that uses fashion influencers to heavily market their pieces predominantly on social media platforms.  This is how I found the shop. I have bought a few of my all-time favorite necklaces from Anarchy Street.  My favorite piece is the gold cactus necklace that reminds me of my favorite destination.


The price point is very affordable, with necklaces running around $30-$40 and there are always deals.  If you go on the site now there is a 15% discount code that pops up.  The shipping is always free and if you are not happy with your item for any reason they provide free returns.  The jewelry ships out in a cute little package and a postcard with the pictures of many trendsetters styling the jewelry in different ways.  I love all the attention to detail that make the packages exciting to receive.

There has been a new shopping trend that has the consumer pay for monthly subscriptions and either be surprised by a mystery box of goodies or get a monthly credit to spend with them each month.  Businesses are getting so savvy by training us consumers to spend with them each month. Anarchy Street has followed this trend and created an Anarchist Box.  It is a monthly subscription of $49 a month, and then you receive at least three handpicked items that are styled to be either worn together or be special enough to wear on their own.

There is also another option on the Anarchy Street website to shop for items by looking on their linked instagram posts.  It showcases different ways to style the jewelry and accessories.  Here are a few of my favorite looks.




I have been extremely happy with all of my pieces so far from this shop.  Plus it is cheap enough to be able to purchase multiple items to layer them together.  Most of the time I am a minimalist with the jewelry I wear, but on that rare occasion I like to mix and match to create an added flair.  It is amazing that Dani Song created an online shopping experience that feels inclusive and easy to be on trend.




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