Nightshift “nomadic dance party”

With everything that happened last week, I needed a night to be with loved ones, listen to good music, and dance. To not succumb to my sadness and enjoy a couple of numb hours.  My “Ratchet Reunion crew” which we lovingly call ourselves, rallied to go out Saturday night.  It was almost the full original group, plus a few extra recruited members.

Nightshift was holding an event at Neumos which is a midsize concert venue on Capitol Hill.  Nightshift is a music collective that prides themselves on bringing premier one off club events at different venues. Their events have the best vibes, the people motivated by great music to dance and drink with no drama.  It is a night to embrace your uniqueness, dress how you want, and have fun with your squad.



This night we were treated by the headlining DJ, Eden Hagos.  She is an artist in the Soulection music label based in Los Angeles.  She played a mix of old and new hip-hop mixed with samples of future soul.



Pro tip: If there is a long line to get into Neumos, go through Moe Bar.  They have a shared bathroom so they will have to let you in, but remember to get your tickets first from the box office.


I ran into lots of old friends.


The night ended up being what I needed; to be in my comfort zone, let loose, and to not think about current events.  I am glad my friends pulled through and was there for me in their own way.




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