Goals revisited

Around the start of 2016 I wrote a post about creating positive goals for myself and not having any New Year’s resolutions that I will ultimately break.  I wrote three short goals that I thought were feasible to focus on in the upcoming year. The original post is here.  My first goal was to buy a house by February. Normally it takes a while to buy the perfect house so having a deadline of two months may sound far fetched.  However, we were already looking for about six months and had a deadline of April because that was when our lease was up.  It was pretty challenging trying to find a house in West Seattle that had all we needed/wanted and was still affordable.  We really wanted a new construction because we have already experienced owning a 1915 Craftsman style house and knew all the work that went into maintaing a vintage home.  We looked into other areas but could not imagine living outside of West Seattle.  West Seattle is an amazing family oriented neighborhood with great schools, shops/restaurants, and is very close to the city. After prioritizing and rethinking what we actually needed in a house and thinking about our five year plan we decided to try to buy the house we were currently renting.  After much hoops to jump through I am happy to say we closed on the house about two weeks ago!

My next goal was to become a certified neuroscience nurse by the end of March.  That goal stopped being a priority in my career because I began a new position in April working as a RN in an observation unit that is an extension of the emergency department.  This new position has already awarded me with many great educational opportunities and I am gaining more skills to be a versatile nurse.  I am loving my new position and feel like it was a great decision for me to make this change.

My last goal that I had was to get desert body ready for the Coachella Music Festival in April.  This was an arbitrary goal because it was based on my perception and values of my own personal body image.  I worked hard at exercising a couple of times a week, going on detox diets, and trying to maintain discipline with clean eating, but that all went out the door when I went to Las Vegas in March.  I felt really good for my trip to Las Vegas but loss momentum and ultimately accepted my flaws.  I may not have been in my ideal body shape but I was happy enough to feel good in my skin and did not let that deter me from having the time of my life.

Thinking back on these three goals set at the beginning of the new year, it reminds me how fast plans and intentions can change even in just a few months.  No matter what my goals are for the future, there are so many variables that can change these plans.  I think what is important is to keep working on improvements, growth, and ultimately positive change.  I will come up with another set of three concise goals soon to work towards.



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