Cardio for the soul

This weekend the trendy Soul Cycle and Target held a three day pop up in Seattle at the Foster White Art Gallery.  The pop up is to promote the launch of their new partnership and was only held in ten cities across the country.  I was so excited that Seattle was chosen as one of those cities and happy to sign up and get in for a complimentary indoor cycling class.  Soul Cycle is the pioneer of the indoor cycling craze and I wanted to try it.  This was my chance!



I was immediately greeted by a friendly gal who walked me through the check in process and I got assigned my bike, lucky number 22.  I went into the makeshift cycle room which was illuminated only by candlelight and got help setting up on my bike.  Justin was our instructor for the 45 minutes and he went into a quick tutorial about the bike and positions.  There is only one knob to adjust on the bike that would control our resistance and we either dial it to the right to add on or to the left to back off.  Justin explained the hand positions that we would be in throughout the ride which essentially placed us in three body positions as well.  He had us introduce ourselves to our neighbors and talked a lot about riding as a community; to connect with each other, to have no judgment, and to be present.  Then the ride began.

Justin had us get synchronized with our pedaling, right left right left, to the beat of the music.  We started with a sprint with mild resistance and did some choreographed movements to the beat.  Pushing up and down on the bike and tapping our bodies back and forward to different counts.  He was amazeballs!  So full of energy, never getting winded while leading us in the intensifying cycling dance.  The music was upbeat and high energy in the lane of Ru Paul and Danity Kane.  About 35 minutes of doing sprints, climbs, and jogs we slowed down and grabbed the 2 or 3 lb weights from the back of the bike and did some arm work. Then we did one more fast sprint and ended the class with a stretching series.

I was hooked!  The class was fun and different from Flywheel in that it was not competitive at all.  There was no leader board to look at to see if you are ahead of someone else.  Basically Soul Cycle’s philosophy is to ride along side your neighbor, dance to awesome beats, and be zen.  Soul Cycle taps into the spiritual side of exercise like yoga but with intense cardio.  I definitely came out of the class with sweat dripping and a beet red face.  I still love Flywheel but I am excited to hear Soul Cycle will be opening up a permanent Seattle location in the next year.





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