Japanese nail art

Countdown to Coachella has begun so has the start of my beauty upkeep to get me ready for the festival.  First thing to take care of are my nails.  I was introduced to this amazing nail salon, Salon LuLu by my bestie Abby.  Salon LuLu has two talented Japanese nail technicians, Mirei and Hiromi who have brought the intricate Japanese nail art form to Bellevue, WA. If you know of any other Japanese nail art technicians in Washington please share.

Hiromi has done my nails twice now and she has the most amazing precision art skills.  She has a background in fine art, which allows her to paint with finesse.  I asked the ladies what is the difference between Korean and Japanese nail art and they said Korean style is more cutesy and Japanese style is more sophisticated.  My first visit there I opted for a cutesy design like a typical Korean girl.  All of their tools and supplies are from Japan and are all very adorable.


How cute is this hand rest?


My little lamb

IMG_7438 IMG_7704


My Coachella nails

They charge $80 so it is definitely a treat for a special occasion.  They say your nails can last about 3-4 weeks depending on how they fast they grow.  These gifted ladies are really ahead of the nail art game in town, so if you are looking for something extra special check out their instagram page here.



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