Kinder Valentine’s Day

Today Uemera passed out Valentine’s Day cards to her classmates.  Her teacher sent an email out to share his expectations for handing out Valentine’s Day cards; participation is optional, write one for everyone if we are participating, and no toys or candy.  That sounded good to me.  This was the first year that Ume wrote in her own cards.  She chose Doc Mcstuffins cards that had a sticker for each friend.

She came home with a handful of cards and was in the best mood.  She also got to choose a special activity to do today, to reward the students for reaching the school’s collective reading goal.  Each student chose a different activity to do with other schoolmates.  Ume chose to play with chalk and bubbles and had a blast meeting new friends.  When I picked her up at the end of the day, one of her classmates asked if Ume could have a heart lollipop and I happily obliged.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries and the U.S.A. is definitely one of those countries that takes the opportunity to commercialize this holiday.  Normally Brian and I don’t really make a big deal celebrating since it is a “Hallmark” holiday, but I do love giving and receiving cards.  I have always loved cards.  It is an opportunity to hand write a nice message to someone about how you appreciate them and/or love them.  It is a way to spread joy.

Valentine’s Day had a different meaning when it was just Brian and I.  Some years we would have a nice dinner out, but never on February 14th so we would not have to compete for reservations with other couples.  Some years we would celebrate with friends who are in relationships too.  Some years I would receive amazing flowers/balloons and other years just a simple card.  Nothing was a tradition or consistent and that was how we liked it.

Once Uemera was old enough to be aware of the market push of this holiday amongst others, it has become more fun to celebrate it.  It is a nice time to have a specific day to declare our feelings and be caught up in the themes of love.  The whole hearts, chocolate, and flowers.  Kids do that to you.  They get you caught up in the whimsy of things that are magical like Santa, the Easter Bunny, and Cupid.  So from now on we will see this holiday without the distaste of having commercialization shoved down our throats but a time to do themed arts and crafts projects with our children and consume yummy heart shaped treats without guilt. That is a score for us all in my book!




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