Love thy self

I started my Valentine’s Day celebration by loving myself.  I woke up extra early to take a Pilates class and then got breakfast for the family.  I went to my favorite cafe for acai bowls, Fit Bar Superfood Cafe.  Acai is commonly called a superfood because it is filled with antioxidants, fiber, omega fatty acids, and micronutrients. All great ingredients to nourish your body.  The berries grow in Central America and South America.  They have a chocolatey berry flavor and are dark purple in color.  This treat is essentially an acai based smoothie bowl with healthy toppings.



The first time I ate an acai bowl was in Hawaii.  It was such a fresh and tasty meal, so I got addicted.  We ended up getting one every day on our vacation.  It is popular there because it is a cold and refreshing treat. There are also lots of places in California that offer these delicious bowls as well.  Washington is starting to have more locations pop up.  I really love it at Fit Bar Superfood Cafe because the attention to the food quality is superb. They use fresh fruit, plant based protein, and high level ingredients in their bowls and smoothies.  I have two favorites that I rotate.  One is called “PB Power”, it is an acai base mixed with nut butter and coconut milk; topped with blueberries, banana, hemp granola, honey or agave nectar, and shredded coconut.  My other favorite is called “Thrive”, it is a pitaya (dragon fruit) base mixed with coconut milk, topped with strawberries, blueberries, goji berries, raspberries, hemp granola, and honey or agave nectar.  It is the most delicious post workout or any time of the day treat.


Almost too pretty to eat.



It was a great way to start my day, to give my family a token of my love for them and their health.  The kids are not hip to the bowls yet, but they enjoy the smoothies there.  The rest of the day was spent hanging out with good friends and indulging in a cheat meal and wine.  How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?



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