Making it count

There is that scene in the movie “Titanic” where our beloved Jack Dawson is dining in the first class quarters and after being questioned as to how he can live life as a wanderer he eloquently explains his philosophy in life, and they all raise their glasses and toast life to “making it count”. Out of all the juicy and amazing scenes of this movie, yes I am still a big fan, this scene stands out to me. It gives the audience that hopeful perspective that whatever hand you are dealt in life you should make the most of the situation.


Leo at his finest!

This is the type of mindset I want to have moving forth in the new year. 2015 had many ups and downs as do all years. That is life. Stating any resolutions will only lead me to fail.  Sure I would love to be the next Chriselle Lim or Aimee Song but these ladies have worked hard and did not get to their status in a year. Sure I would love to have bigger breasts and a tummy tuck to get my “mommy tummy” (Diastasis Recti) back in shape but this will be at the hands of a costly plastic surgeon and a recovery period that will take most of the year. I have many dreams for the future but it is more realistic to separate dreams from goals. Having real attainable goals will lead me to success. They need to be specific and measurable with a concrete time frame. Here are some short term goals that I have in mind.

  • Buy a house by February 28th 2016
  • Become a certified neuroscience nurse by March 31st 2016
  • Get desert body ready by Coachella 2016

These three concise goals are what I am shooting for in the next few months and then I can develop another list of three attainable goals afterward. I also want to continue supporting Brian on achieving his goals this year. He recently wrote down what he wanted to achieve in 2016 and he came up with 16 projects. 16 Projects! That is why he is an entrepreneur I guess.  I also want to continue fostering the growth of my two girls. Uemera has grown leaps while being in Kindergarten. She is overcoming her anxieties with coping strategies and support from us and her amazing teacher. Violet is speaking about 5 words now so we are hopeful that she will find her verbal skills soon and blow us away. The pediatrician told us to not worry, that she will start talking more when she is 2 years old especially since she hears two languages at home.

There it is…my challenges for the next few months to slay.

What are your goals for the year?



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