Off to the farm we go

Uemera learned a new concept at school, persuasion.  With learning this new word she is trying to persuade us to get her a bunny.  She comes home every day with different tactics to try to convince us to buy her a bunny.  I am not budging.  We already have a cat and a fish so we are tapped out in the pet department.  In our discussion of not getting a bunny I casually told her we can pet a bunny at a petting zoo.  Of course now going to the petting zoo is all she wants to do this weekend.  Brian is in Texas for a marketing conference for the next few days so it is a girls weekend for us!  In thinking of going to the zoo with both of the kids by myself and what that would entail I had to think of another plan.

Going to the farm sounded like a better plan.  Fox Hollow Farm is in Issaquah which is about 40 minutes away and is small enough to not be overwhelming, but also has a lot of fun activities for the kids to make it worth it.  I invited our framily (family + friends) Sandra and her two girls.  Her husband Jason is also in Texas with Brian so it was a perfect time for us ladies to get together for an impromptu play date.

IMG_7963 IMG_7964   IMG_7969 IMG_7972


The farm is set up with lots of barn areas where you can pet and feed the animals.  There is this cute miniature farm house area where the kids can go inside, play house, and go down slides attached to the houses.  There is a mini train that you can ride, motorized jeeps to drive, and pony rides!  Also there is an inflatable bouncy house and a corn pit.  Violet especially loved the corn pit so we spent a lot of time in it. She ended up with corn kernels inside her onesie.






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Ume found bunnies to pet!

IMG_7988 IMG_7990

Coincidentally, Brian rode an animal today too.  When in Texas you ride a longhorn bull.


It was a great day at the farm and a great way for Uemera to learn about persuasion but more importantly compromise.  It was a win win day for everyone.  I hope this satisfied her desire to have a pet bunny.  We will see in the upcoming days what else she will try to persuade us into.



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