Pitter Patter…no…Splitter Splatter

Lately I have been trying to find new fun things for Violet and I to do together while Ume is in school.  The most recent place we have been enjoying is West Seattle Art Nest.  It is an amazing art studio for kids and their grownups to get messy while being creative.  Violet loves the painting table and can spend a long time working on different projects.  They provide every imaginable art tool from glitter, to hot glue guns, to beads.

She loves going into the splatter room where you can throw paint around.  There is also an area with toys to play with when the little ones need a break from creating.  The employees are super chill and great with the kids as expected.  It has become a nice way to spend the afternoon and also a reprieve from the blazing sun.

I am starting to figure out more and more the kinds of activities that really make Violet happy.  She is our tactile child who loves to get messy and explore.  This is a great place for her to do all of that.  It is awesome to get to take the girls to different individual activities so they can each get that undivided parental attention that is so needed to develop their self esteem.  Ume has her ballet classes and Violet has her random outings with me 2-3 times a week.

I am a worrier parent, knowing that my influences on my children are going to last longer than these singular moments.  All the interactions I have with them will impact their personality in their future, the whole nature vs nurture debate.  Sure, there are days when I want to just relax at home and not engage in any educational activities for my kids but I try to get myself out of that head space.  To give them a fighting chance to be well rounded people.  Ume always confuses adult with person.  I have to remind her she is already a person but she consistently argues, “No I am not, I am a kid”.  Maybe she is right.  Her person is still developing and it is my job to make sure both of my kids have all the tools to become thriving people.






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