Seasons change

For about eight years I have identified myself as a neuroscience nurse.  This is the type of nursing that I have been working in since graduating nursing school.  Going on maternity leave twice and then returning to school to get my bachelor’s in nursing degree have always lead me back to the same unit, the same type of nursing.  I am now taking the leap and trying something new.

I will be working in a different type of nursing, emergency nursing.  I am going from expert to novice and it is both exciting and scary.  It is scary because being a “neuro” nurse has been part of my identity for such a long time.  I remember in the beginning as a new grad nurse and then maybe for a year after I would be anxious every time I went into work, not knowing what type of assignment I would get or what type of patients I would take care of.  Probably year two that changed and I became more confident in my ability to provide skilled nursing care.  Each year I continued to hone in on my skills to be an effective nurse and leader.

It makes me think about other times I have taken big leaps and chances on myself.  When I was younger I did not have the confidence in myself nor the knowledge to take many chances.  I just followed the road of what was expected and it was easier to go downhill off track than stay on.  Then coming into a young adult and figuring out what to do as an adult, I began to realize that it is okay to take a chance on myself if the projected goal is positive.

The biggest leaps I have taken are the ones that are parts of my identity – wife – nurse – mother, which came in that order.  I hear all the life cliches in my head – without risk there are no rewards, life is too short, to not fear the unknown – and I say AMEN.  I mean these are cliches for a reason.  It is truth and something that will help you progress and move forward.

I am excited to embark on a new career change because I want to continue to grow and develop professionally.  What you do for a living is a big part of who you are as a person. I don’t want to be stagnant in any part of my life so it is time to move on.  YOLO!



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