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Brian and I had a pseudo post Valentine’s Day date to watch The Dream and our friend Four Color Zack perform a show at Neumos.  We had an ultra romantic dinner first at Big Mario’s New York style Pizza; gazing in each other’s eyes over huge slices of sweet and salty balsamic drizzled, arugula, and salami pizza. All jokes aside this is the type of couple we are; no fuss dinner sans the kids, and a live R&B show is our ideal date night.


It was a sold-out show on a Tuesday night and Capitol Hill commonly called “The Hill” was streaming with people.  I enjoy going out on a weeknight better than the weekend, the milieu is more my taste.  The weekend crowd tends to be a sea of inebriated people trying to cause a ruckus.


My “Ratchet Reunion” crew plus so many other friends were at the show too.  The opening DJ’s, Deejay Beeba from Seattle and DJ Delve from Hawaii, were awesome at keeping the crowd entertained and in a groove.  Then Four Color Zack played a set and hyped the crowd even more until The Dream took the stage.


Remember the days when no one had their cell phones up and actually used lighters at shows?  Snapchat, Instagram, video, and camera phone in all of its glory was happening, but I can’t complain because I was a participant.  The Dream played a good mix of new and old hits with Four Color Zack controlling all the musical tracks.  He was a really great performer, engaged with the audience, playing up his strengths with the ladies and the fellas.


He sang a couple of songs a cappella, which showcased how amazing his voice is and what an intelligent lyricist he is.  The Dream is an amazing singer, songwriter, and producer and his show did not disappoint. It was an awesome night to enjoy high quality music and be thoroughly entertained.  Plus hanging with my honey and my best buds is always a plus.




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