Zero to six

This week has been jam packed with celebrations because my eldest daughter Ume turned six.  We held her birthday party at one of her favorite parks in Seattle, Jefferson Park.  It is a 50 + acre park with spray play area/playground, sports fields, and an adjoining golf course.  It got revamped in 2012, so everything is updated and nice.

It was a free play birthday party.  I had activities set up for the kids to do as they pleased.  The guests got to splash around in the spray park area and run around on the play structures.  Ume has never liked the attention of having people sing her happy birthday and blowing out the candles so we skipped that tradition and let our guests have cupcakes when they were ready.  I was happy that Ume played with all of her friends and had an absolute blast.

I did not expect much change in Ume in one day as she became a six year old, however I was pleasantly surprised. That night of her party when we were getting ready for bed, she casually stated that she needed a nightlight turned on because she will be sleeping by herself now that she is six years old.  Um…is this really happening?  When she was born we chose to co-sleep with her, and when she transitioned into sleeping in her own room she has always needed someone to help her go to sleep.  Brian and I have been prepping her and impatiently waiting for the day that she will be sleeping on her own and it finally came.

She had questions on what to do if she got itchy, thirsty, or had to use the bathroom.  I reassured her that she could always come into our room and we would help her with any of her needs.  Then every two minutes she needed one of those needs met until she went through the list.  The last thing she requested was to know what we would be dreaming about and then my little six year slept in her own room by herself like a real big kid!  Six is going to be a fantastic year.










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